The Benefits Bot

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What is BEBO?

BEBO (a shortened version of 'Benefits Bot') is a free conversational AI chatbot designed to assist those seeking information about unemployment benefits. BEBO was developed in May 2020, during a week-long hackathon (“Women Hack the Crisis” hosted by The Expat Woman in San Francisco, CA). Team WHOW (Women Helping Other Women) consists of eight amazing women with diverse backgrounds in social science, marketing, business development, engineering, data science and programming who came together specifically for this project. See our Team page for more information.

How can BEBO help me?

BEBO can help you get answers to general questions about unemployment benefits and can direct you to resources where you can learn more. It includes information about unemployment benefits, eligibility, EDD cards, pandemic-related assistance, and family leave, and can point you to related resources such as food assistance programs. Currently, BEBO is focused on California residents but in the future may include information for workers in other states as well.

How can I interact with BEBO?

You can click on the bottom-right icon to chat with BEBO. BEBO can answer common questions related to benefits in California such as:

  • I am taking care of my child. Am I eligible for benefits?
  • I got laid off due to COVID. Can you help?
  • I need help finding food.
  • How long does it take to get an EDD card?
  • I want to apply for family leave.
  • I am undocumented. Can I get benefits?
  • I don't know where to start. How can you help?